About Us

Concrete Palisade Fencing Innovators!

Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg was founded in 1998 with the vision of becoming the most trusted and reliable concrete product suppliers in the city. And we have lived to see our vision come true.

Our quality is assured by us because we are the one who manufacture and create all our concrete products using high grade materials and experts mix cement to create a mixture that can last over 50 years without signs of aging!

Concrete Palisade Fencing Done The Easy Way!

Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg has spend so much time trying to understand the pains that customers go through to get a concrete fencing or wall installed and we are proud to offer you a simple way to get everything you need:

  • Tailored Fencing Orders:- If you are looking to get your fence mixed with barbwire or electrical fencing we can customize your concrete fencing as required.
  • Affordable Concrete Fencing:- At Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg there is no middle man so you get to save money when getting your concrete palisade fencing through us.
  • Time-efficient Service:- Our Concrete Palisade Fencing builders will ensure that they install all your required fencing as fast as possible while taking care to ensure a firm and stable foundation for your fencing.

Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg our staff members work as a unit to ensure that you get the best deals possible and that you are not ripped by third companies looking to pull a fast one on you.

Call Concrete Palisade Fencing Johannesburg for the most affordable concrete palisade fencing and precast walls to suit all your needs. Don’t delay, our concrete experts are just a dial away for a quick quotation on your request.